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Tenser sanitary valves factory is one of the leading factories in producing house taps and bathroom faucets. Tenser has obtained its license for the operation of production units from the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade in 2008. The high quality and innovative and beautiful design of Tenser products, has made this brand very unique. The coating is 1.9 micron which is 50 per cent higher than the standard requirements, this coating therefore reduces the chance of erosion and corrosion of the valves. The heaviness of the Tenser valves, are due to the brass alloy, which consists of 60% copper and 36% zinc. The cartridge that is used in the products are from the Austrian company "Kerox", which is one of the leading factories in this sector in the world. Tenser has the certificate of CE and quality certificate from QAL in the United Kingdom. Tenser offers a 10-year guarantee which out any conditions to its customers.

Factory phone and central sales office:



Mobile: 09357482159

Email : info@tensrco.com

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